A Deep Analysis When You Feel Alone In Life

When you feel alone, you tend to indulge in a whole lot of pessimism that makes you end up in frustration, confusion, and despair. While at times you are trying to figure out the origin of your loneliness you absolutely forget where it will take you.

Read on to find your answers, when you feel alone in life.   


She is all alone amidst a crowd.

Her silence is so loud.

Loneliness shouts, “This, I have endowed.”

She mumbled, “Oh! so you have prepared my shroud.”



When You Feel Alone

Loneliness is a growing concern for all of us. Ironically, we are living in the world’s best era where we are blessed with the best network possible to connect with fellow human beings. But still, loneliness grasp thirty-three percent (33%) of the entire world population.




We are so finicky about our Physical health and, fortunately, we are witnessing so many fitness freaks among us. Physical health is important, but we need to be more outspoken about psychological health too. 

Around 280 million people in the world have depression. Loneliness is one of the leading causes of depression which is gravely fatal.

World Health Organization (WHO) states, “Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease.” 


When You Feel Alone 2


Loneliness in itself is lethal moreover, it gives birth to so many more issues like low self-worth, fatigue, disrupted sleep, hopelessness, and suicidal tendencies. Loneliness also comes with the good news that it is effectively curable.

Being Alone is a different thing but When You Feel Alone that’s when the trouble crawls in.  Loneliness is inevitable but we should know how to put up with it.

When you feel alone then you yourself become your problem. Lamentably, we know loneliness could be deadly but your perspective towards aloneness can definitely do a change.

 The four-line poem that I have written at the very beginning of this article highlights and sums up your harmful inner state when you feel alone. 

Loneliness is when you feel that no one cares for you, listen to you, converse with you and, love you. There are so many prescribed ways to cope with loneliness and, unequivocally, they are effective.




Below I have written a piece of a poem on loneliness that explores the inner self of a lonely person but, its ending is full of vim and vigor. 

When you feel alone you are more than welcome to read it. This will surely cheer you up.


Don’t Fear, Just Cheer


As long as darkness covered the atmosphere 

Exactly, the way how curtain covered the window

I thought you were here

But I was not able to push myself there

Perhaps out of fear

Unaware of the fact that I was in despair 

I was so scared to peep through the curtain

That I thought you might disappear

But as soon as the sun broke out

And when I draw aside the curtain 

I witnessed the land outside was bare

There was nobody except ceaseless air

Then I understood that the thought popped up because of my solitary state of affair

I wiped out my tear

And walked out with hope, happiness, and cheer



Everything is about your perspective. Whatever outlook you carry towards life, it will reciprocate in that direction only. In the above poem, Precisely how the darkness covered the atmosphere and curtain covered the window in the same manner loneliness also covered the person. 




Loneliness affects you it further affects the environment around you and the deserted environment again affects you. So, it is more like a continuous vicious cycle. If you are alone then everything you think, see and, feel is influenced by your loneliness.

This frightful thought jumped into the mind of the person in the poem because of hopelessness that, in turn, is caused by loneliness. But when the person breaks the chain that is implied by the shining of the sun in the poem. 

When loneliness stops influencing the mind of the person, then the person adopts courage and hope and move towards fighting with it rather than hiding from it.




That individual comprehends that there was nothing that scary about the loneliness of what he perceives it to be. Then that character walked out with hope, happiness, and cheer, unlike his attitude at the beginning of the poem.

The above poem was didactic in the way that when you stand weak in the face of weakness it pushes you down to your knees but when you stand strong in the face of weakness, slowly and gradually, your weakness gets pushed down to its knees and you come out victorious. 


Why Do You Feel Alone In Life

This is a huge question. Everyone who is loneliness-struck is after this question. There are some obvious reasons because of them one feels lonely. 

Feeling alone creates a void that keeps making its way deeper in you if you do not fill the cavity with the right component. Let’s first understand why we feel alone because of some general reasons.

1 – You Feel Abandoned

Everyone at least once felt secluded in one’s life because somebody has left them. That might be your mom, dad, spouse, children, lover, friend, pet, and even a stranger for that matter. 

If death parts you with them then you need to come to terms to live without them because that is unavoidable.




 But if that one person close to your heart has left you then be thankful that you get to know that howsoever, they are not meant to be with you. If they wronged you then don’t breed evil feelings towards them rather let them go. Take yourself out of this pain.

2 – You Are Strong-headed

This might be a reason that you feel alone in life. You perhaps pay too much heed to the subsidiaries that make you aloof from new and better things. 

You need to strike a balance here. People don’t gel with someone stubborn. Become a bit flexible.

3 -You Think It’s Destiny

You always blame it on destiny. You think only you are suffering the world’s worst torment. You feel God doesn’t like you. Then, dear, you are highly mistaken.


When You Feel Alone 4


 You are seeing the entire picture from your limited point of view. You have got just a piece of the puzzle but God has got the entire puzzle laid in front of Him.

4 – Disturbing Past 

Your loneliness could be because of your troubled past. You might have experienced something that doesn’t get aligned with you till now.

 You need to acknowledge it and outgrow that sphere of your life. Past will be a past. You need to upgrade your older version and get ahead in life.

5 – Disrupting Present

You feel alone in life due to a bad week, a bad day might be a bad moment. You cannot stop thinking about it and you feel so lonely and depressed.

 You might be undergoing some haphazard journey right now and you think it’s the end. But dude, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. 




6 – Daunting Future

You are so engrossed in your loneliness. You fear the world out there. You shiver at the thought of having a beautiful future. You are immensely hopeless towards your future. 

This is a huge reason for feeling desolate. The Hope of Happiness is the ultimate weapon we all should have against loneliness.’

7 – Flawed Health

You might feel alone because you are enduring a low phase in your life. Perhaps, you are having medical support for your ill health. You feel isolated because you think you are lacking something. That is alright.


When You Feel Alone 3


Everyone goes through a phase where they are unwell and they need medication, you are not the only one. And you are having meds because you want to heal yourself. That is lovely.

8 – You Are An Introvert

You feel you cannot blend well with others rather you are pretty asocial. There is nothing wrong with being an introvert. It’s just how you want to present yourself, in a crowd. 

There are various kinds of people and they have different attitudes and comfort levels. But don’t let your introverted nature make you a lonely soul. You still have your bunch of friends whom you can gel with.


Things To Do When You Feel Alone In Life

When you feel alone you want to do things that would distract you from your lonely state because it definitely is a painful abode. There are lots of stuff that one can do according to their preferences. Here is a list of some of my favorite one

‘If you are looking for some mind-blowing motivational quotes on feeling alone, then this one is an absolute help’ – 46 Best Quotes On Feeling Alone With Images & Explanation| Loneliness Quotes


1 – Stop Sulking

The most important thing you can do when you feel alone is to stop sulking over your solitary state of affairs. It is a slow elimination process. Take it step by step. 


When You Feel Alone 1


Accept the issue, try looking for a solution rather than panicking.

2 – Just Go For It 

You might have certain plans in your life. You must be waiting for that right time, the correct opportunity to execute it. But let me tell you, you need to end this eternal wait and get started.




Taking action is the first step for reaching your goal. You may feel lonely because you think you are not getting your chance. You never know the ball might be in your court but you are not kicking it. Do it or else someone will snatch it.

3 – Dig In Deep

It is the best time for introspection. You should deviate, your mind from loneliness to do some healthy practices. Get to know yourself better. Go on a self-discovery. 

You never know, what pearls are hidden in your oyster. 

4 – Turn Towards A Counselor 

When you feel alone frequently you should go to a counselor. You need someone to listen to you. You need to vent out the emotions that you are suppressing. 

You need an eruption, you might be overflooded. The therapist will guide you, they understand you. They give you a solution. 

5 – Gratitude Is The Key
Whenever you feel alone remember all the things that you are grateful for. Make a gratitude journal list down all major and minor things that you show gratitude towards. 

Pen down everything, being, and moments that make you smile and you will see the list goes on. Always remember, “Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” 

6 – God Is Your Saviour

When you feel alone remember there is someone who knows you better than you know yourself. The very thought of it encourages, excites, and cheers you that there is someone who knows you inside out and He is God




Hurray! you do not require to explain to him anything. That is the biggest perk of believing in God. It fuels you with enormous optimism and hope.




This article highlights how the perspectives shape your actions in loneliness, why one feels lonely, and what are the things you should do when you feel alone.

 I hope I have done justice with such a sensitive and concerning the topic. Kindly leave your valuable feedback in the comment section. I will update it accordingly. Don’t forget to share it with your bunch of family and friends.

Thank You.


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