I Feel Depressed For No Reason| Deep Analysis Of Whys & Hows

“I feel depressed for no reason” is not a sentence it’s a thought, feeling, and a sigh! Below is a brief poem on depression, read to have an essence of it.


Depression engulfed me in a gloomy blanket,

Expressions have departed a long ago.

Questions blow like a cold wild gust,

Lessen contentment, greater turbulence.

My state was fashioned from depression,

My life was lacking the needed passion.

Lo! I found myself on the lap of confusion,

This surely is a gift of DEPRESSION.




I Feel Depressed For No Reason 3


Why Do I Feel Depressed For No Reason

What if I say, “You are not depressed.” You are targetting depression because you are not getting any valid person or situation to blame. A kind of blame game you are playing with depression. 

You are not the only one who feels depressed for no reason. We have people in abundance who are trapped in this grip. Being depressed and getting a medical diagnosis for the one is different but thinking that you are depressed without any reason is altogether a different thing.


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 31


Depression is unhealthy but, it can be fully cured as prescribed by WHO. But thinking and believing that you are depressed when you are not is much more hazardous to your mental health. This cannot be cured unless you take an effective step to control your mind not otherwise. 

You make your mind believe that you are depressed for whatsoever reason while you are not. This further negatively impacts your mental and emotional health which affects your relationships, worldviews, work, and your entire external and internal machinery.

A while back, I was pondering over this issue and I was worried to the core by its negative consequences. 

If we have depression then we have a trail to follow because everything is tried and tested but what if we don’t have depression and still we feel depressed then where should we go, what should we do, what are its consequences in the long run, and, what are its remedies?


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 2


Below are some points that will highlight how just the thought of being depressed let alone actual depression shapes your life in a nutshell.

Consequences Of Fallacious Assumption Of Depression


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 4


The outcome of your fallacious interpretation of your state can be fatal. 

Negative changes in perception are the biggest alteration you will get. “Perception speaks for you but wordlessly”. 

Your perceptions choose your worldview, your worldview provides you with a certain set of choices, your choices mould your decisions, and your decisions fashion your life and your life is an extension of you. 

Dr Kathleen Hall, an expert in stress, mindful living, and mindfulness states, “In every single thing you do, you are choosing a direction. Your life is a product of choices.”

You can clearly see what a humongous role it plays in your life. Be cautious of your perceptions carved out of your fallacious thoughts of depression without any reason.


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 6


I will put down a list of things that get affected by your subconscious cooked-up thoughts of depression. 

1 – Perception Of Yourself

The greatest and the threatening alteration is in your perception of yourself. You cannot live with someone you repel but what if that person is you only? Isn’t it scary? 


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 30


Your constant negative take on yourself is creating a type of hollow within you that one day pulls you into darkness and depression. 

Thought of being depressed without any reason all the time begets the following feelings within you.

  • Confusion
  • Frustration
  • Anger
  • Vinegar-temper
  • Contempt
  • Real depression
  • Suicidal tendencies

And the list is endless. Imagine the power of a single fallacious thought of being depressed for no reason while you are actually not. It can do havoc to you. 

If you form perceptions out of your depressed head it is bound to be faulty. Your perception of yourself deteriorates your thoughts and eventually your life.


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 8


2 – Perception Of Your Family Members


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 33


You create a distorted opinion of your family. They become your villains. You secretly and subconsciously breed hate towards them. It was not you, it was your reasonless depression that is taking its root within you. 

Here are some issues that will heighten between you and your family members.

  • Conflict
  • Chaos
  • Hostility

In a long run, it sows the seed of bitterness among family members that are hard to undo.


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 11


3 – Perception Of Your Loved Ones

If you constantly feel depressed for no reason, you start having a different set of attitudes towards your loved ones unlike before. You will behave rudely and strangely with them which might instigate them to a level that it costs your beloved relationship with that person. 

It becomes sour and you drag your own self towards depression by drifting away from your loved ones. 


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 32


4 – Perception Of Your Blessings

You will start taking your blessings for granted. That is exactly where the trouble elevates and touches the sky if left unhindered. We are more than blessed if we have the basic necessities of life. Honestly, it includes not only food, shelter, and, clothing but also health, education, and sanitation. 


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 34


Just once think of people who are living through humanitarian emergencies and crises. Even they are one of three groups of people who are vulnerable to depression as described by H.E. Ms Dessima Williams, Special Adviser to the President of the 71st Session of the General Assembly, at World Health Day 2017.

If you feel depressed for no reason you will become thankless and ingratitude. This lifestyle over a period of time will make you mentally sick and depressed.

5 – Perception of Your Personal Growth 


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 14


The mere thought of depression without any reason shifts your focus by capturing your worry and attention on the wrong side. You become your own roadblock for your personal growth. And if you cannot help yourself and sustain yourself, then how on earth you can help others. Obviously, you are good for nothing.

You do injustice to the potentials that are hidden inside you no less than like a pearl is hidden inside an oyster. 

“If you really want to grow then outgrow your fallacious depression.”


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 13


Remedies To Treat Your Fallacious Assumption Of Depression


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 15


Oliver Napoleon Hill, an American self-help author states, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” If you make your mind that you need to find a solution for your condition you will find it. It all rests in your hand. 

“The better self-control you have, the greater tranquillity you’ll get.” 

Underneath are some remedies for your depression without any reason.


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 16


1 – Keep Your Radar Tuned To Introspection

This is the best exercise every human should follow. Examine your feelings, thoughts and, emotions. Trace them unbiasedly. If you find yourself deviated too much to any end lately, then you need a review. See the outcomes of your thoughts and feelings. 

By introspecting you will get to know the root of your problem then you can soundly devise a solution for your condition. It makes you efficient to find a way, you won’t be astray anymore.


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 17


2 – Show Some Self-Love

Show some self-love but again keep a check on yourself, do not become a narcissist by exceeding the limits. If you can’t come on terms with yourself, your relationships with others will always suffer let alone with yourself. I believe, if you don’t have love within you for yourself, you cannot love anybody else. 


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 18


If you feel depressed for no reason, you are purely anxious, you start detaching from yourself. It’s always recommended to go easy on yourself.

3 – Spend Time With Your Family And Loved Ones

Having a heart-to-heart with your close ones can heal you faster. Spend some family time. Start sitting with them by keeping your cell phone aloof. You can play some games, indulge in healthy activities, share your feelings and emotions, and don’t forget to eat together.


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 19


I personally prefer to sit together with my family at a dining table.

Barbara Coloroso, an internationally recognized speaker and the author puts it beautifully, “There is something profoundly satisfying about sharing a meal. Eating together, breaking bread together, is one of the oldest and most fundamentally unifying of human experiences.”

It strengthens your bond and makes you happier.


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 20


4 – Don’t Give God’s Place To Anybody


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 23


You become restless when you allot the place of God in your heart to anyone else on the surface of the earth. They are not worth it. You always need someone who knows you inside out. You need someone who understands you without explaining anything or uttering a single word. 

There are times when we feel low and want someone who can scan our feelings and emotions as it is. Humans lack the words in any language available to communicate their subjective consciousness. 


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 21


God and hopelessness and depression cannot reside in the same heart. It’s up to you whom you allot the room. God is synonymous to hope. 

I always say, “I believe in miracles because I believe in God.”


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 22


5 – Gratitude Is The Key

Being grateful for your existence and everything and every person you have in your life is the key to your happiness and hope. 

By the grace of God, we have been provided with much-needed basic pieces of equipment to prepare ourselves for the bigger wars of life.


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 24


Count on your blessings and you will stop stressing about the cause of your depression.

6 – Don’t Sulk Over Your Past

Past can be really disturbing and horrifying. But it can never be undone. For the past, we have nothing but guilt. Past is one of the major reasons for depression. But Past is Past. 

You might have experienced something that doesn’t get aligned with you till now. But you need to upgrade your older version and get ahead in life. 


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 25


7 – Stop Panicking For Your Future

A valid concern for the future is good but panicking over it arouses a whole set of negative impacts on your mind. It affects your decision-making skills. You find it hard to control your emotions when it comes to your future. 

Take the leash into your own hands. Divide it into small steps and tasks. Try making a graph of your feelings and actions.

Panic won’t solve the problem rather arise many more out of it. You need time and serenity. But if you continuously feel depressed for no reason you are draining your energy at the wrong window. 


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 26


In this article, I call attention to the grave consequences of feeling depressed for no reasonI have also given substantial remedies for the people who say, I feel depressed for no reason.

To fix a deep-rooted problem, we need deep-rooted solutions. 

I think it will help you. 


I Feel Depressed For No Reason 27


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Thank You!


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