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Why Living Alone For The First Time Is Good For Teenage Students

What is cooking in your mind is more important than what is cooking in your kitchen. When you prefer dishes over ideas then the washroom leads over books.

                                                                                                                                   -Sajid Mumtaz

Living alone for the first time is great for your success and growth. Mainly your first introduction to live alone, far from your homes, comes in your teenage life when you go out for studies in some colleges, coachings, or universities, and start your professional career. 

You had been living in a cosy and secured environment with your grandparents, parents, and siblings in your home. 

Your father and mother were showering all their love and affection for you. You were receiving the utmost care and guidance in their company. Your grandparents were your shield, and your siblings were your biggest admirers and friends.

You had a friend circle to hang out with, a neighbourhood to interact with, those charming daily trodden paths, shops, and shop owners, and adoring known environments were always as important to you as were your hands and limbs.  

Your reverend Teachers and Guides were your moulders. 

Those were your beautiful and best days. You would miss them and remember them throughout your life. There is no doubt about it.

Living Alone For The First Time

Living Alone For The First Time

Dear students Why did you leave them all behind and move out to a different world? WHY?

It is a very pertinent question to answer. When you don’t answer it correctly, then it means that your purpose to leave your home is hazy.

Almost every teenager leaves their home with heavy hearts and high expectations. 

Your parents bid you goodbye with wet eyes. 

It is a deciding moment in your life. Please know that

  1. why you are moving out
  2. what targets you have to achieve
  3. how you are going to achieve
  4. what dreams you have to get
  5. how much you are determined, to achieve them
  6. how much time you have allocated for them to get, etc.
Treat your past as your servant. It will always serve you and help you in creating your future.


 Please read again- your past is not your future.

Had the past been your future, you would have been recreating your past by sitting at the same place. But that is not the caseBut that is not the idea.

So what is the idea? 

My dear students, the idea is that you have left your abode only because- 


That is why you have left your nests. 

Please remember that if you leave your nest and don’t learn the art of flight, your existence (future) is in danger.

You have a looming threat over your head to face failure and live a mediocre life OR design your life and give glory to your parentsteachers, and fellow compatriots.

Dear students, building a beautiful life, learning what is required, studying smartlyworking hard on yourself, listening to your mentors, chasing your bigger dreams consistently, are all the choices of life.

What you choose in life is important. You can choose trash or you can choose treasure, you can choose failure or you can choose success, the onus lies with you.

Either your choices make you suffer or they make you a Super.

Always remember, you are living in a competitive world. When you are not preparing, somewhere in some corner your competitor is preparing

Design your life for the sake of a dream life for a beautiful future.


How To Design Your Future

Dear students, the best news for you is that- the future can be designed by following certain tested patterns and methods. 

That is why you have an opportunity to grow and expand. 

Design your future for yourself. 

Design your future especially for these two tribes that are always guiding you and praying for you. Make them proud of you.

1- Your Parents &

2- Your Teachers.

Dear students, as you are living alone for the first time, chances are high that you may get distracted from your aim, in the heat of the moment, in your new environment without any proper guidance. 

There are 10 pairs of very important questions that can save you from that distraction. 

You have to understand these questions and their responses in your life. 

Read them, recite them, assimilate them, and internalize them. These are the foundation to build your designed future.

Your independence is your parent’s trust in you. Your discipline is your response to your parents.

1A- How To Use Independence?

Dear students, when you are independent in a new place no one is there to parent you and monitor you, if have not set any limits on yourself, then you may trespass. 

It is common among youngsters. They become a victim of transgression. 

When you have no limits, then any limit is your limit

You will never be able to judge your freedom when you have not set boundaries.

Boundaries protect you and keep you safe from foreign invasions.

Foreign invasions are those unhealthy thoughts that have the potential to steal goodness from you.

Your independence is your parent’s trust in you. 

Don’t leave them heartbroken.

Do, what you have come here to do.

1B- How Not To Use Independence?

Dear students, don’t read your independence as arbitrariness. You will spoil your studies and careers. 

Living alone outside means you have to take your decisions. If your decisions are wrong, then your studies and professional careers will doom.

You will earn a bad name for your parents and teachers. Please don’t do it, at least for them. 

Your progress will nosedive.

Maybe you have younger siblings. Your parent’s bad experience with you could stall their progress as well.

2A- How To Know Your Uniqueness?

Dear students, always discover your uniqueness. You are born as a unique individual. 

You have left your abode only to grow. Without knowing your uniqueness you will never blossom to your full capacity. 

You don’t look like others, your DNA is different, your thinking is different, your face is different, your habits are different. 

God has made you unique because He wants to see you attached to something big and highly successful. 

You can know your unique ability quite easily. You are naturally better in a few subjects and mostly get good marks in them.

Your receive accolades and praises from your teachers and parents in those subjects.

It means topics and career options related to those subjects are your uniquenessYour uniqueness will always construct your life. Your uniqueness is your guaranty for success. 

Discover your uniqueness and make that unique ability your career option. You will become triumphant. You will laugh with your parents and teachers.

Your uniqueness is your special ability, your hobby. Sometimes your uniqueness is beyond your subjects, like singing, dancing, writing, etc.

Refine your uniqueness to define your life. 

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2B- How Not To Know Your Uniqueness?

Dear students, never judge your uniqueness from the ability of your friends. They have their uniqueness, and you have yours.

At times we pick subjects and career options because our friends have also chosen the same thing. That is a mistake

When you chose your subjects and career path following your friends and not because of your interest and passion, then you don’t go very far in those fields. You become average, perform below par, and end up being only a fraction of yourself.

Learn the SQ3R technique and OK4R technique for smart studying. You will gain more. It will save your time and energy. You will always be first in your group.

3A-How To Study?

Dear students, when you study as everyone else is studying, you get results as everyone else is getting.

It means that you need to have different ways to study, to produce different results. Below are some better ways to study.

  1. SQ3R Technique
  2. Spaced Repetition And Distributed Practice of Learning
  3. Time Boxing Method
  4. OK4R Learning technique

We are giving here only one technique. 

[You can find all “How To Study” techniques here.]

1- SQ3R Technique

SQRRR or SQ3R is a reading comprehension method named for its five steps: survey, question, read, recite, and review

Francis P. Robinson, an American education philosopher in his 1946 book Effective Study, had introduced this method.

The method offers a more efficient and active approach to reading textbook material.

It was created for college students but is extremely useful for young students as well. 

Classrooms all over the world have begun using this method to comprehend what they are reading.

When you apply this method in your life, you multiply your learning skills.

SQ3R(SQRRR) is the acronym of






Survey (“S”)

The first step, survey or skim, advises that one should resist the temptation to read the book and instead first go through a chapter and note the headings, sub-headings and other outstanding features, such as figures, tables, marginal information, and summary paragraphs. 

This survey step typically only takes 3–5 minutes, but it provides an outline or framework for a presentation. 

The reader should identify ideas and formulate questions about the content of the chapter.

Question (“Q”)

Generate questions about the content of the reading. For example, convert headings and sub-headings into question form, and then look for answers in the text. 

You can ask other questions also like

    • What is this chapter?
    • What are the answers the chapter is suggesting?
    • How does this information help me?

Read (R1)

Use the background work done with “S” and “Q” to begin reading actively. 

It means reading to answer the questions raised under “Q”. Passive reading, in contrast, results in merely reading without engaging with the study material.

Recite (R2)

The second “R” refers to the part known as “Recite.” The reader should try to recite from memory what was learned, in the same manner as telling someone else about the information. 

The reader must use their own words to formulate the material. 

Try recalling and identifying major points (heading/subheadings) and answers to questions from the “Q” step. This recital step may be done either in an oral or written format and is related to the benefits of retrieval (testing effect) in boosting long-term memory for the material.

Review (R3)

The final “R” is “Review.” 

Once you reach the end of the passage, review the material. 

Repeat to yourself what the point of the passage is using your own words. 

(Learn SQ3R)

3B- How Not To Study?

Not to make any daily routine for studies, wasting time in futile activities, remain engaged on social media, gaming, loitering about are all time wasters.

Not to study without focus, while watching T.V. or talking with friends aimlessly. They will dissuade you from your success.

4A- How To Choose a career?

Dear students, to choose a career, you have to keep into consideration a few factors-

  1. what is your uniqueness, and how have you refined them
  2. what will you become by using your uniqueness as a career option
  3. what is the demand in the marketplace for your chosen career
  4. how tough it is for someone to replace you in the marketplace

[Read for more insights here for becoming a specialist in your career]

When you learn something valuable, then you become valuable. Keep on adding values to your personality and become a highly valuable treasure, that everyone will be hankering for.

Your career is your choice in life. How you love yourself to be known in this world is your prerogative. Choose the best to be amongst the best in the world.

4B- How Not To Choose Career?

Dear students, you will be highly successful in your career when you pursue your dreams because those are originally your dreams. Make your dreams your career.

But when you make your friends’ dream or parents’ dream your career, you will not get that bigger success as your career is not a realization of your dreams.

5A- How To Think?

Dear students, two things stir your thoughts and actions.

  1. Your circumstances
  2. Your attitudes

When you are governed by your Circumstances then you will always REACT to the situation. When you are reactive, then the situation is handling you.

When you are governed by your Attitudes then you will always RESPOND to the situation. When you are responsive, then your mind is handling you.

You become successful when your attitude is your master and not your circumstances.

5B- How Not To Think?

Dear students, never guided by the heats of moments in life. Always be rational and analytical in your approach. 

When your friends are making decisions for you or charting a plan for you every time, it means that you are not in the driving seat of your mind.

It further means that you are ready for any result in your life. Beware.

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6A- How to create?

Dear students, this is such a great thing. When you create, you design your future. 

Creation means, developing something out of your own vision. It is your thought, your idea, your innovation, your discovery. Whatever you study, always try to build something which is not the copy of others.

You can create a new thought, a new study pattern, a new style to beat competitive exams, a new software, a new gaming app, a new painting or drawing, a new writeup,………..there is no end to it.

Your creation takes you along to a different level. It settles you at a very high pedestal.

Rummage your mind, and bring out something superb to serve humanity.

[Look here- how entrepreneurs work on themselves and learn] 

Either you create or copy. When you create then others follow you and you become their leader. When you copy then you join the group of followers and led by someone else.

6B- How Not To Create?

When you don’t create then you COPY. A copy is always a duplicate. Followers are born to copy others.

If you want to lose all your initiatives and nullify all your uniqueness in life, go for copying every time.

Copying will make you average. No one will talk about you.

7A- How To Use Social Media?

Dear students, whether you admit it or not but it will remain a fact, that social media is killing your growth more than ever.

Always Remember the RULE-

Either “Things”  Serves You or Sucks You.

Let analyze it in your own case. If social media is serving you to becoming better or sucking you to become worse.

You are your best judge. You are living alone for the first time do check out how you are spending your precious time.

Overuse of social media has destroyed many promising students from becoming doctors, engineers, professors, scientists, artists, and whatnot.

It has been proved a murderer of many students’ career, believe me.

It is sucking you in various ways-

  • killing your time and creativity
  • blocking your communication and language
  • costing your mental and physical health
  • stealing your focus and concentration
  • lowering your marks and grades
  • reducing your learning and research capabilities
  • drowning your capability and productivity
  • breaking your trusts and relationships
  • denting your confidence and motivation

If the destructive list is not long enough and you still feel comfortable and busy on the social media platform, then I feel sorry for you. 

Please come back your mother is dreaming of your success.

7B- How Not To Use Social Media?

Dear students, don’t use social media for time pass and network building. 

Social media has enough power to suck all your time and energy.

You are a student, and you need time and energy to study. 

Please don’t let down your parents and teachers.


8A- How To Control Impulsive Behaviour?

Dear students, you are living alone for the first time, you will face this problem as most of the students fall prey to their impulses.

You have to know it very clearly so that you can save yourself from this disaster. It has the potential to swallow your dreams.

Mainly students become the victim of these impulses in their career-

  • opposite gender– it dissuades you from your actual goal and shifts your focus away from studies.
  • pornography– puberty and hormonal changes instigate you to break barriers. Your curiosity turns into an addiction.
  • smoking & drinking– you begin it with friends for a style and end up ruining your health, wealth, and confidence.
  • shopping– you become obsessed with shopping as you continuously need attention and approval from others.

These 4 impulsive disorders are engulfing many careers. Please be alert.

Your parents must not be feeling proud of you for your impulsiveness. Your lust may lead them to their death bed.

8B- How Not To Fall For Impulsive Disorders?

Dear students, remember God, listen to your parents, follow the guidance of your teachers, read good books.

Lead a life of morality, meditate, show your spiritual side and follow good habits principles.

They are the saviours for you under any threat.

9A- How To Make friends?

Dear students, birds of a feather flock together. This statement is so true.

When you befriend others, you actually choose your own characteristics.

True friends are trustworthy, committed, compassionate, inspiring, and helpful. True friends will always guide you and save you from the traps of life. 

Make friends who have the above characteristics and who can inspire you towards your goal.

(How To Make Friends?)

9B- How Not To Make Friends?

Dear students, when you find friends distractive, purposeless, harsh, and lewd, keep yourself a good distance away from them.

Those who are low in trust, involved in bad activities, careless are not apt for friendship.

10A- How To Show Gratitude?

Dear students, you owe so much to parents, teachers, God, nature, and many things more. You must be grateful for them to be in your life.

When you show gratitude to them you develop humbleness, humilityhonesty, and piety within you.

Show them that you care for them and always be present in their life.

10B- How Not To Show Gratitude?

Dear students, your gratitude is not mere words that you pay them by telling a few sentences. Your gratitude reflects in your actions, emotions, and communications. Don’t ever lie with your gratitudes.


Living alone for the first time is good for teenage students as it gives them a window to peep through the world. 

This is an opportunity for you. It has only come your way because your parents and teachers trust your abilities and their dreams. 

You have ammunitions and wings. Enjoy your flights of the star. 

The sky is your limit.

Thank You.


Sajid Mumtaz

Sajid Mumtaz is a writer, motivational speaker, and a marketing strategist.He has written many motivational articles, Instagram stories, and inspiring quotes. A youtube chanell on successful living is also to his credit. Recently he is working on his projects on Human Behavior & Consumer Behavior.

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