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46 Best Quotes On Feeling Alone With Images & Explanation| Loneliness Quotes


Quotes on feeling alone and loneliness quotes are actually the feelings of all those alone people who are lonely. Sometimes your loneliness is painful and some other times your loneliness is your learning time.

Quotes on feeling alone and loneliness quotes are an attempt to put forward some deep thoughts which your lonely moments bring forward. Sometimes our lone moments are an enigma and sometimes they are a solution.

Our quiet moments say a lot about us and our relationships. 

Here are some best thoughts and quotes on feeling alone, and loneliness quotes.

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Quotes On Feeling Alone

Loneliness Quotes


You are not alone, God is always with you.

When you feel that you are lonely, you lose hope. Hope is the fulcrum of life. When hope is not there, then the balance of life is also not there. Not hoping for a happy future is tantamount to not believing in God. Never feel lonely, you are in God’s company.

Quotes On Feeling Alone

Loneliness Quotes


When no one is with you, don’t feel alone. You are in your own company.

Never feel that you are alone. You are always in your own company. How can you be lonely in your presence? Whenever you find yourself alone, talk to yourself.

Quotes On Feeling Alone

Loneliness Quotes


Your loneliness will become an asset when you use it to build your personality.

Your concentration requires quiet moments. When you are alone then you can find those growing moments. Don’t feel that you are in loneliness. Always feel that you are in a peaceful moment with yourself and your thoughts.

Quotes On Feeling Alone

Loneliness Quotes


Your lone moments settle you for your busy moments. 

When you are alone then you find useful time to focus and concentrate on your life. You are in your own presence and gauge the peaks and troughs of your life in your loneliness. You plan accordingly for success and get busied in pursuit of your ambitions & goals. 

Quotes On Feeling Alone

Loneliness Quotes


It takes a loan seed to turn into a forest.

It is about vision. When you are a visionary then you see more in little. A seed is not only a seed, when you sow it, water it, and take care of it properly then it turns into a tree.  A tree fructifies and produces more seeds. More seeds mean more trees. Similarly, think big and start small. Keep on working on yourself. Be consistent. Your continuous small efforts will yield big results for you. 

Quotes On Feeling Alone

Loneliness Quotes


  Ideas are shy. They will come to you when you are alone.   

If you are in need of new ideas then you have to clean the mess you have created within you. Ideas are pretty selective, they will not land up in a preoccupied head. Want more ideas, give up toxic company and do yourself a favour.

Quotes On Feeling Alone

Loneliness Quotes


When you win over yourself, then only you can win over others. Your lonely preparations, lead you to public victories.

Public victories always come after private preparations. You have to work hard when no one is noticing you and recognizing you. They don’t know about your life mission. They are judging you on your current state. So don’t worry and wait for others’ approval, do your stuff persistently and silently.

Quotes On Feeling Alone
Loneliness Quotes


Experiences gained in loan moments make you stronger.

What makes you wiser is wise thinking. Wise thinking doesn’t come from a group that is chirpy and noisy. ‘Wise thinking’ comes from a particular kind of environment where calmness and good sense prevails.

Quotes On Feeling Alone
Loneliness Quotes


Don’t be anxious when you are alone. Any great journey begins with a single step.

There is always this one single person that start a revolution and treads on the path of reformation and then the crowd joins in. Don’t be anxious in your loneliness. It will give you volumes to think, and commence a beautiful new chapter of your life.  

Quotes On Feeling Alone

Loneliness Quotes


You will always feel lonely in the wrong group. Right people will keep you happy.

Do you have a group? But, do you still feel lonely? If yes, then you don’t deserve to be there. All you need is a change of company to vanish the void you are undergoing. Your happiness is the best standard you have got to measure their place in your life. 

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Quotes On Feeling Alone

Loneliness Quotes


Great victories always precede lone preparations.

Your great victories are identical to beautiful, glamorous, and “perfect” movies you watch. You barely know, what are the things that took place behind the screens. Only the people involved have seen its ugly, dull, and “imperfect” side. 

Quotes On Feeling Alone

Loneliness Quotes


Your positive attitude will never keep you alone in life.

If you are positive, you are hopeful. Hope boosts you up psychologically and prepares you. Your positivity is contagious. You attract alike people and thoughts. People die to have a positive company like you in their life.  

Quotes On Feeling Alone

Loneliness Quotes


A lonely person is one who has no faith in God. You are God’s child. You are never alone.

You feel relieved when you know that someone knows you inside out and He is God. When you know God is having your back then you are not alone on a “sinking ship”. God’s company is the coolest company. 

Quotes On Feeling Alone

Loneliness Quotes


Use your loneliness as a weapon to drive away the mediocrity in your life.

Make your loneliness as a filter to strain away the people who don’t deserve you. They are your real foes in the garb of your friends. Remember, people who are there with you at your worst they deserve you at your best. 

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Quotes On Feeling Alone

Loneliness Quotes


Don’t surround with useless people. They will make you feel lonely.

Don’t compromise your mental and emotional health for momentary pleasure. That will cost you too much. Reach out for a permanent solution. Useless people will misuse you. 

They will bring the worst out of you. Part your ways and enjoy your own company.


You are always alone without your mother.

Nobody understands you and cares for you like your mother. Motherhood is not only about the person it is also about the character. A role that only she can play. She shares everything with you beforehand in her womb but others share it when you are with them. You are actually alone without her so before reaching anyone in your loneliness reach out to her.  


Quotes On Feeling Alone

Loneliness Quotes


Loneliness is not the absence of happiness. Loneliness is the absence of purpose.  

If you have purpose in your life then loneliness does not affect you because then it’s not the people that drives you it’s the purpose that guides you. You are never alone in the company of your guide.


You have to be alone and and quiet to travel deep down within you.

Whenever life demands you to discover yourself, you need some quiet moments. When you are sitting alone and delving into the ocean of your persona, you will always bring out gems from the depth of your bosom.

[I Am Sad For No Reason]


Your thoughts can make you feel lonely even when you are in a group.

The group can’t make you happy. The people can’t make you happy. What is running in your mind determines your mental state. It further means that don’t look for happiness outside, look for happiness inside. You will remain lonely inside, if you are searching happiness outside.


Your lone struggles make you stronger.

Lone struggles are often attached with the mission of your life. It is not compulsory that people are aware of your mission or they have the same vision as you have. So during the course of your strive, you may feel the heat. As you move on and pave ways, the journey will become easier. You will become stronger and stronger.

[Feeling Lonely Is Good]


Thoughts of loneliness are dangerous than loneliness itself.

What is cooking in your mind is more important than what is cooking in your kitchen. Because the thoughts of mind are going to have a long lasting impact on your life. Similarly, the loneliness of the mind is darker than the loneliness of your house.


When your life is fake, you will remain lonely even in a group.

Your fake life is a curse for you. It will inflict every bit of you. It will never allow you to settle down in life. To enjoy the life, and make merry with people, you have to become original.


Don’t feel alone in your own company.

When you are alone even with yourself, then you are not happy in your own company. It means that you have to change your attitude. You have to become a better version of you. You are the most important person in your life. Give value to yourself, and become valuable.

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You can’t be truly spiritual in a crowd. You are more spiritual in your loneliness. 

Sometimes, the crowd and busyness of your life don’t allow you to concentrate and focus. They keep you restless and perplexed. Sometimes, the real you require calmness and loneliness. In your tranquility, you become Godly.


Learn to live alone in a group. It is not necessary that group is always with you.

Don’t seek validation from others. It is not that others are your judge. You are your best guide and mentor. Mold yourself into a person who is self-sufficient.

Quotes On Feeling Alone

Loneliness Quotes


Feeling lonely is a signature of human behavior. Animals never feel lonely. 

Animals don’t sit lonely, they sit calmly. It is a very special trait of humans, that they feel lonely. Many monks and messengers have revealed God in their loneliness. When you are alone, you have a chance to discover God. Don’t take your loneliness lightly.


Eiffel-Tower is alone, so is the Taj-Mahal.

Your aloneness is sometimes the testimony of your uniqueness. It shows your rarity. Don’t always fall in this trap that you have to be social all the time. Born introverts have given the world more things than their extrovert counterparts.


Your loneliness will destroy you, if you don’t know, how to live lonely in life.

To live alone is an art. If you don’t learn it, then you will have to sustain pain in your life. Your knowledge never destroys you, your ignorance always betrays you.

Quotes On Feeling Alone

Loneliness Quotes


When people are happy with you, you will never feel lonely.

When people are happy around you, and who you are hanging with, then you feel satisfied and contented. It is always a prize that people like you.


Your lonely time is your learning time.

What you are doing in private is more important than what you are doing in public. What you prepare in private is often the determinant of, who you are in public.

Quotes On Feeling Alone

Loneliness Quotes


Feeling lonely and sad is bad.

The opposite of courage is coward. The cowardly behavior very often emanates from loneliness and sadness. You need courage to fight out the failures of life. If courage is not their, persistence is not their.


When you feel lonely in a relationship, it means that you are in a wrong relationship.

You relationship is not to make you feel lonely. If the person in the relationship is not making your life bright, and filling energy in you,then you are entangled in a wrong kind of relationship.

[Feeling Alone In A relationship]


When you are lonely, then bad memories haunt you.

Be very alert, your loneliness has power to drift you towards sorrow. You seldom think about happy moments in your aloneness. Bad memories often sneak in surreptitiously. Beware.


Your loneliness is not to make you weak. Your loneliness is to make you wise.

If you are not wise then you need some quiet moments with you. If life is not going the desired way, you need your own company in solitude. In your loneliness you discover yourself.


Quotes On Feeling Alone

Loneliness Quotes


You have come to the world all alone, because God has confidence in you.

God has sent you to the world with certain purpose. You have an assignment to finish here. If you leave your work unfinished, it will remain incomplete till eternity. No one is going to come again in this world in your soul. God is very confident with your ability and wisdom. Don’t disappoint HIM.

For your deeper concentration, you need to have some lone moments.

Focus is the key. Focus has the power to douse the flame of confusion. Focus requires concentration in your quietness. Your lone moments make you more centered and riveted.


You will be lonely throughout your life, if people don’t realize your work.

If people don’t understand that what you are, then who you are don’t appeal them. Always try to answer the question that what you do. Your work is a window of your life. People will peep through that window into your life.


Staying alone is not a bliss.

Staying alone is a personal decision. But it is not a very wise decision. We are gregarious by nature. We can’t live alone always.


Trust builds relationship. The more trustworthy you are, the less lonely you are.

Trust is the fulcrum of a balanced life. It’s so subtle that it can easily off-balance your life. Trust is not a promise, it is an attitude. It is a philosophy. The stronger the level of trust, the stronger the relationship.

Are You Depressed And Lonely In Your Marriage?


Souls become lonely and restless, when they are dissatisfied.

When souls become dissatisfied? When you are living an unnatural life style, and faking it. Your fake attitude muffles the originality. Outwardly you smile and inwardly weep. You can run away from reality, but you can never run away from your soul.

Quotes On Feeling Alone

Loneliness Quotes


Being alone for finding peace is the mystic philosophy.

Yes, if you are interested in mysticism, peaks of mountains, and caves of plateaus are your temporary abode. Your enlightenment is waiting for you. Show up please.


Empathy has a magical feeling to alleviate your loneliness.

How painful you are feeling, just a little share and care make you feel a whole lot better. Empathy is like balm. It has power to absorb your pain and relax you. With that kind of magical feeling, you will never feel alone.


When your loneliness gives you calmness, then you appreciate the beauty of nature.

Nature is the best healer. When you are alone with the beauty of nature, listening to the chirping of birds, flora and fauna around you, and the soothing sea shores, you will feel the calmness of environment.

Quotes On Feeling Alone

Loneliness Quotes


When you know the value of self-chatter, you are never alone.

What you constantly talk to yourself is important. How can you feel lonely, when you are talking positively to yourself daily. Love your company. Life will become beautiful.


This is the post on feeling alone, and lonely. Feeling alone is a maker and breaker both. What role it is playing in your life, please share in the comment section. We are always open to counsel and mentor you. You are very valuable to us. Waiting for your responses.

Thank You.




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