Training With Shaolin Monks- 10 Best Inspirations

Training with Shaolin Monks is an honour. Shaolin Monks are the most revered and respected people.

How training with Shaolin Monks inspires any individual and brings the best out of him? This article features all these inspirations and motivations emanating from Shaolin Monks‘ lives. 

Shaolin Monks

Who Are Shaolin Monks?      

Who Are Shaolin Monks? 

  • Shaolin Monks are loyal soldiers of the Shaolin Temple.
  • It is famous that all martial arts originated from Shaolin, and Shaolin Kung Fu is the best form of martial arts.
  • Shaolin is a chain of mountains in China from which the word Shaolin is derived. 
  • It originated from Chan Buddhism Philosophy

Shaolin, Shaolin Monk & Bodhidharma

What Is Shaolin, Shaolin Monk & Bodhidharma?

  • There is a ‘Mount Shaoshi’ range. It is a mountain in the Songshan mountain range in China. The word Shaolin is derived from that mountain’s name.
  • Their monasteries are called Shaolin Temple
  • It is supposed to be originated and developed in the Shaolin Temple in the Honan Province of Greater China in 1500CE. 
  • The Indian monk Bodhidharma, who is also known in history as Ta Mo is the founder of this practice.
  • It is said that he came to the Shaolin temple and found monks’ health in a very dilapidated state 
  • He taught them these practices because they may need to defend themselves in the mountains and they were out of shape 
  • Bodhidharma taught them Buddhism and some ‘Dhyana’ practices today known as kung fu or martial arts.
  • These are meditation techniques to win their inner selves and publicly defend themselves and others from dangers and threats 
  • Bodhidharma taught and train them. They gain mastery in Dheyans with his help.
  • Indian word Dhyana or Jnana(meditation) transferred to the Chinese language as Chan and later to Japanese as Zen

Book pdf- Training Methods of 72 Arts of Shaolin (Tanjin- 1934)

Inspirations & Motivations From Training With Shaolin Monks?

Shaolin Monks’ training is hard and rigorous. Their routine and lifestyles teach us numerous things. It is an amalgamation of technique, peace and servitude. 

It will give you happiness and tranquillity.

Training with Shaolin Monks- 1

1- Speed


  • Shaolin Monks are extremely quick.
  • They can punch you and save themselves in a jiffy. 
  • Their reaction time is almost immeasurable. 
  • They have this very special capability to coordinate their whole body at will.
  • This speed gives them the advantage over their opponents

Training with Shaolin Monks- 2

2- Flexibility


  • This one is a very special ability. They can turn their bodies as if they are made of rubbers
  • Their muscles are so tuned that they almost command them without any trouble
  • Their flexibility saves them from many blows
  • Flexibility gives them easy movement and momentum in their bodies. It helps them exhaust their opponents
  • As laziness hurts you, flexibility saves you from many threats

Training with Shaolin Monks- 3

3- Electrifying Actions & Reactions

Electrifying Actions & Reactions

  • It is the most exclusive trait of any Kung Fu or Martial Arts master. They are like electric current
  • You can never judge their exact location. So you can’t aim at them with any authority
  • They become vulnerable to their opponents because of their this speciality
  • If you become fast, others won’t catch you
  • It gives you an edge in every field. You are always ahead of others

Training with Shaolin Monks- 4

4- Ability to Endure Pain

Ability to Endure Pain

  • People are bad at enduring pains
  • Monks are best at enduring pains
  • They are always way ahead of others where suffering is involved
  • When you stand in pain when others are falling, you always hit the last punch
  • It makes you more resilient and purposeful

Training with Shaolin Monks- 5

5- Exhausting The Opponent

Exhausting The Opponent

  • Exhausting and frustrating your opponent is a kind of self-defence
  • The art is not to attack initially but exhaust the opposition and fatigue them
  • When you get tired, you are not up to your 100% potential. You will always perform below your standard. Shaolin Monk exhaust you as a rule of thumb
  • To win the battle, you have to push your opponent to a disadvantageous level 
  • It requires patience and technique

Training with Shaolin Monks- 6

6- Ability To Withstand Blows

Ability To Withstand Blows

  • It is hard training where Shaolin Monks are trained for withstanding blows. 
  • They are trained to defy spear and sharp-edged object blows 
  • It keeps them in the fight longer than their opponents. They are on their feet standing when opponents are on their knees
  • This rare ability makes them non-quitters
  • If you polish your this ability to stand longer and harder than others, you are always a winner   

Training with Shaolin Monks- 7

7- Hitting Others Without Hurting Themselves

Hitting Others Without Hurting Themselves

  • Shaolin Monks punch others without hurting their bones
  • They practise this art so rigorously day in and day out through thin paper into concrete or stone walls hundreds of times
  • This exercise creates microfractures in their bones. They heal in some time, and the practice goes on. It makes their bones stronger. They are grittier than most people
  • Their punches are stronger and much faster than their opponents
  • These Kung Fu and Martial Arts masters teach us a very important lesson. Practice harder than anyone else to gain mastery and control

Training with Shaolin Monks- 8

8- Conserving Energy For Staying Longer  

Conserving Energy For Staying Longer

  • It is taught to monks to conserve energy. It makes them stay longer in the game
  • It also gives them stamina for the long run
  • They move less and defend from their place
  • Energy is the most important component which makes our activities sharper. When we are more energized in our actions, we are ahead of others from the very beginning
  • Staying longer than anyone else also means you are more resilient and focused

Training with Shaolin Monks- 9

9- Extraordinary Power Of The Vulnerable Parts Of The Body

Extraordinary Power Of The Vulnerable Parts Of The Body

  • They can do multiple things which a common person even can’t imagine
  • They can pull a log tied to their hair
  • They can hang without chocking their neck
  • They can break a stone from their head
  • They can sustain a piercing blow to their stomach

Training with Shaolin Monks- 10

10- Shaolin Monks Train Themselves For Protection & Not For Attacking Others

Shaolin Monks Train Themselves For Protection & Not For Attacking Others

  • The purpose of Kung Fu or Martial Arts is to protect themselves and not hurt others
  • They are warriors and not tyrants
  • They help humanity and save them for the greater good
  • They spread the message of belongingness, love and happiness
  • They are there to finish oppression and injustice

Book pdf- Training Methods of 72 Arts of Shaolin (Tanjin- 1934)

What Are Shaolin Monk Outfits?  

Shaolin Monk Outfits

  • These outfits are traditional. 
  • They have been used since the inception of civilization. 
  • A Kung Fu uniform is called Yi-Fu means clothes
  • Their military uniform is called Zhì-Fu.
  • In Tai Chi Chaun the uniform is called Tai Chi–fu
  • In Shaolin Kung Fu, the traditional dress is called Han Fu 
  • Shaolin Monks wear Han Fu uniforms

What Are Shaolin Monk Diets?

Shaolin Monk Diets

  • Their eating habits are influenced by Buddhism beliefs.
  • Monks use purely vegetarian diets
  • These diets are devoid of flavours and spices
  • Because they think flavours and spices incite emotions
  • These diets are based on raw vegetables, bread and gluten-free whole wheat. The diets keep them healthy and fit
  • These diets are known as ‘The Shaolin Temple Diet’

How Are Shaolin Monk Shoes?

Shaolin Monks Shoes

  • Shaolin Monk Shoes are called Tai-chi Shoes. They are less traditional now. 
  • Their modern evolution is Feiyue Shoes 
  • These shoes are worn by Kung fu or martial arts warriors
  • Nowadays their modern styles are famous among youths

Takeaways From Shaolin Monks, Kung Fu & Martial Arts

  • Meditation elevates you as a human 
  • Serving others is the best lifestyle
  • Take pains. Sufferings are a part of attaining liberation. It has the address of our happiness
  • You have to win over your emotions and desires
  • Be on the righteous path


This article has many significant values for us. 

We derive inspiration from their lives. 

It helps us in our transformation into becoming better human beings. 

We also share bonhomie with others.

It makes us active and agile. We become sensible and visionary.

Visions of monks help us and shape us. 

We all are an agent of change for someone.  

Someone is always looking at us with hope. 

Don’t let them down. 

Shaolin monks’ lives have many meaningful teachings for all of us. 

Be the catalyst of change for someone.

Forward this post to them. This small service can change someone’s life. May God bless you. Amen.

Thank You. 


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