12 Best Inspirations From 10X Planner By Grant Cardone

10X Planner By Grant Cardone is a success planner. It is created in a very scientific and advanced way. It will make you effective and efficient for your purpose. 

The 10x planner by Grant Cardone is a day-to-day guide to your daily schedules, achievements and goal setting. 

You will learn how to use a 10X planner and its benefits in daily life.    

Grant Cardone says You don’t get burnout, you lose purpose! You lose your meaning. When I’m tired, I look at my purpose.”

This 10X will make you realise your purpose daily. 

It will help you in tracking your goals and stick to them.

Grant Cardon With his Family

Who Is Grant Cardone?

Who Is Grant Cardone?

Grant Cardone is an Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Author, Investor and Industrialist. 

He is the CEO of Cardone Enterprises and Cardone Capital. He also owns seven privately owned companies with more than $4 billion in portfolio properties.  

Forbes has named him the No.1 marketer. 

Grant Cardone is the founder of the 10X movement. It is a movement to help people grow financially and upgrade themselves. 

He is the author of many books like- The 10XRule, Be Obsessed Or Be Average, Sell To Survive, Real State & If You Are Not First, You Are Last, etc.

Grant Cardone was born on 21 March 1958, in Lakes Charles, Louisiana, United States. 

Grant’s father’s name is Curtis Louis Cardone and his mother’s name is Concetta Neil Cardone. 

10x grant cardone

What Is 10X Planner By Grant Cardone?

What Is 10X Planner By Grant Cardone?

This is a scheduler. it makes your life electrifying and purposeful. It is not an easy-go like a planner. It will stretch you and show you a mirror of your activities and achievements. 

It will keep you stuck to your schedule, plan and goal. It will make you target-focused and goal-oriented.

What you regularly do for 60 days becomes your habit. 

The primary purpose of this 10X planner is to convert your actions into goal-oriented habits so that you get successful results.

How Does 10X Planner By Grant Cardone Work & Change Our Life? 

How Does 10X Planner By Grant Cardone Work & Change Our Life? 

10x is life transforming

10X planner schedules your everyday. It organizes your moments and keeps you glued to your planning. You are more focused and target oriented.   

There are six steps in this 10X planner. We are giving you a step-by-step analysis.

Step-1 Plan Your 10X Day

plan your day 1

The date and time slab are given here. It makes you more organized and efficient. You have a particular schedule, you analyze it in a visual form at least twice a day.

It creates a different kind of impact on your mind. It affects your subconscious mind. 

You start following your schedule automatically after some time. 

You quit procrastination. It is the power of planning your 10X day daily.      

Step-2 Write Down Your Goals

write goals on daily basis 2

Writing down your goals means you are reflecting on your bigger aim daily. When you don’t write them and they are only in your mind, then your focus on your target is weak.  

When it is only in your mind, then you don’t have a reference point to connect with your target. 

Chances to hit the bull’s eye go higher when you write them on paper and write them daily. The 10X planner is modelled in such a way that it allows you to write your goals twice a day

It means you write to them more than 700 times a year. It further means, your goals are etching to your mind more than 700 times. 10X planner makes you powerful.

Step-3 Mention The Quote Of The Day   

write your quote of the day 3

Achieving big things requires motivation and inspiration. This 10X planner inspires you to write a quote daily. 

You can study successful people and write a rule from their life. You can also note down a motivation or inspiration which energizes you and directs you towards your target

10X inspires you to do this activity every day. You become a powerful person by doing these actions in a very short time. 

Step-4 Set Your High Aim & Write Them

set your targets 4

Break down your goals into small targets and revise them daily. Aim big. You can achieve anything. 

Once the target is set, you try to come as closer to your target as possible.

Big things can only be achieved in life by discipline and regular work. 

10X helps in maintaining your focus on your target. 10X planner helps you in analyzing your targets at regular intervals.

Step-5 Write Your Achievements

write your achievements of the day 5

When you advance in your targets you feel motivated and inspired. Write them down. Note down every small or big achievement. 

That will give you positivity and hope. You will run towards your target at double speed. 

10X brings this difference in the mental perspective. You start feeling successful.

This feeling encourages you to do even better. Thus you cross hurdles and wins new races.

Step-6 Live With your Goals 

Write your goals 6

How can you live with them? Just analyze at the end of the day, how much this day helped you to come closer to your goal. Revisit them daily, study them and modify them.

Make Big goals and then be mad at accomplishing them. Your big goals drive you to greatness, you will achieve them.  

10X planner by Grant Cardone can make this happen for 10X planner users. 

Here, you get the free Grant Cardone book The 10X Rules. Click the download button and download it. It is a world-famous life-changing book.

10X Rules Book By Grant Cardone

10X Grant Cardone Summary  

10x grant cardone summary

10X Grant Cardone summary is based on the 10X planner. There are 6 steps in this planner which have the potential to convert a mediocre into a giant. 

It can turn a shit story into a success story. 

Step-1 Plan In Advance   

This planner teaches us to plan in advance. You can never plan unless you have a goal. 

When you plan for the goal, it means you are serious about your aim. 

We all want to achieve the best in life. But only a handful of us achieves anything significant in life. 

What we want and what we get, have a wide gap. Careful planning and regular monitoring bridge that gap. 10x planner exactly does that for us. 

Step-2 Visualize Your Goals By Writing Them      

You can only visualize your goals when you write them on paper. 

When goals are only in your mind and not written somewhere, you can’t see them. 

When you see them two times a day, it embosses in your mind. Something begins to happen within you.

It sets the transformation within you. Your journey from average to excellence begins. You become 10X from X. 

Step-3 A Quote A Day To Inspire  

This quotation or statement comes from some successful moments, achievements and people. 

It gives you a different level of energy and guidance. It keeps you glued to your road to success. 

You get inspiration and motivation from successful people. You feel their presence within you and try to become like them.  

These all bits constitute a transformed and better you. 10X empowers you.

make a to do list

Step-4 Keep An Eye On Your Target 

The 10X planner always keeps the focus and introspection going on. 

You have a bigger goal and you break them down into smaller targets. 

You monitor and introspect your targets daily. It never skips from your mind and action. 

Your consistent focus narrows down the gap between targets and achievements.

Your belief system becomes stronger. 

set your agenda

Step-5 Note Your Accomplishments     

As you finish tasks and complete targets, note them down on the 10X planner. 

Smaller wins open the gateway for bigger victories. Success is contagious. It attracts more success. 

The only thing you did differently was to start writing them down. The 10X gave you this habit.

Step- 6 Revisit Your Goals Twice A Day   

strategize to succeed

The 10X planner has given you the plan to write down your goals twice a day. 

What you do regularly for 60 days becomes your habit. 

When you write your goals twice daily, it becomes a part of your habit. You don’t have to make any extra effort to accomplish them. They have become a part of your subconscious mind.

In a year, you wrote down your goals more than 700 times. It must have left a golden impact on you. 

Look at how this 10X planner has transformed your thought process. How it has transformed you as an individual? 

Only a little decision of using a 10X planner guided you on the road to success and prosperity. 

be a millionnaire

Take Aways From The Article

  • Not planning is a plan. 

  • Not writing down your goals shows a lack of willingness

  • Not pursuing a successful mentor will keep you low spirited

  • Not revisiting your goals day-to-day witnesses poor progress

  • Not celebrating your little accomplishments fail to energize you 

Here, you get the best planner in the world. 10X has the power to 10X you. 

There are so many of us who want to 10X in life. They are waiting for a little motivation, a little help. 

Help them by sharing this article with them. 

Maybe your nice gesture and my little effort become an agent of change for them.

May God Bless You. Amen.

Thank you.  




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