MS Dhoni Net Worth| 20 Powerful Income Sources Add To M S Dhoni Net Worth

What is MS Dhoni Net Worth? Everyone wants to know it around the globe. 

People love MS Dhoni, and they love to know about his life and income streams. 

A detailed study of MS Dhoni Net Worth is discussed here. 

The net worth of ms dhoni is $155 Million. In Indian Rupees, the Net Worth Of M S Dhoni is more than 1200 Crores as of July 2023.

There are various resources which add to the Net Worth of M S Dhoni.

Some Facts About M S Dhoni’s Life

Some Facts About M S Dhoni’s Life

  • MS Dhoni alias Mahi was born on 7 July 1981 in Ranchi, Jharkhand
  • He comes from an Indian Rajput family. His parents come from Uttarakhand. 
  • His father and mother are respectively Pan Singh and Devaki Devi
  • He is the youngest of three children. The other two siblings are Jayanthi Gupta (sister) and Narendra Singh Dhoni (brother).
  • Between 2001 & 2003 he worked as a TTE(Travelling Ticket Examiner) at Kharagpur railway station under South Eastern Railway in Midnapore (W), a district in West Bengal. 
  • M S Dhoni made his debut in the International cricket test match in 2004 against Sri Lanka. He was picked for the first time in the ODI series against Bangladesh in 2004-2005.
  • MS Dhoni is the most successful and outstanding captain of the Indian team between 2007 & 2016. He captained India in all formats, Test matches, ODIs & T-20s.
  • He won all the ICC trophies, the T-20 world cup, the ODI World cup & ICC Trophy.
  • Dhoni announced his retirement from international cricket on 15 August 2020.
  • He won many national and international awards and accolades.

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What Are MS Dhoni Net Worth Income Sources?

The Net Worth Of MS Dhoni is estimated to be 1200 Crores or $155 Million as of July 2023.

He amassed this wealth through hard work, skills, investments, businesses, establishments, etc.

The 20 prominent income streams which add to ms dhoni net worth are shared here.

S.No.Income StreamRemarkEstimated Income
1National & International CricketHe played cricket for most of his life. His wealth creation’s primary souurce
2Indian Premier League (IPL)He is a part of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) franchise in the Indian Premier League fo the last 15 years. He first appeard in IPL in 2008
3Brand EndorsementHe is a king of big endorsements, like Reebok, Pepsi, Boost, Gulf Oil, Colgate, etc.
4Business VenturesHe has sports ventures, owner of many professional teams, a clothing brand called 7, etc
5Film & TelevisionAppeared in documentaries, sports programms. Even a movie “M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story,” is basedd on his life
6Book Deals“The Dhoni Touch: Unravelling the Enigma That Is Mahendra Singh Dhoni” is his autobiography. Earn royalties from books and other magazine and newspaper columns
7Coaching & MentoringHe coach & mentore budding cricketers
8Personal InvestmentsHe has many investments in real estates, startups, organizations, etc. Earn dividends, capital appreciation, or exit strategies
9Social Media and Digital PlatformsHas a massive following on Twitter, Instagram, FBs, other online platforms, YouTube, etc. These puff up his earnings
10Public Appearances and Speaking EngagementsHe is a sought-after personality for public appearances, brand launches, award ceremonies, and speaking engagements. He charges for them at times
11Licensing and MerchandiseHis name, image and brand are subject to license and copyright. If you use them, you have to pay
12Sports CommentatorHis special comments and remarks about the game in audio, visual, and print media make him earning
13Investments in Sports TeamsHe has invested in other sports, like football, hockey, etc which contribute to his income
14Personal Appearances and EventsPersonal appearances at events, corporate functions, brand promotions, and private gatherings. He charges for his appearance.
15Endorsement of Sports EquipmentHe has signed endorsement with sports companies manufacturing gloves, pads, stumps, bats, balls, etc.
16Brand AmbassadorHe is the face of many brands. They contribute to his income
17Royalties from Biographical WorksMany books and documentaries are written and filmed about his life. He earns a portion of their profit
18Social Initiatives and Charitable WorkThey indirectly contribute to his income by promoting his public image and brand value
19Personal Branding and LicensingSignature Products, Collaborations, etc add to his income
20Appearance Fees for Television Shows and EventsHis celebrity status allow him to charge at times for his appearences on televisions, podcasts, FM Channels, etc.
Total$155 Million

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What Are MS Dhoni Net Worth Income Sources?

The Net Worth Of MS Dhoni is estimated to be 1200+ Crores or $155 Million as of July 2023.

He amassed this wealth through hard work, skills, investments, businesses, establishments, etc. His leadership qualities are unmatched.

The 20 prominent income streams which add to ms dhoni net worth are shared here.

1- National & International Cricket

MS Dhoni has been a professional cricketer. He has played many national and international matches in his career. 

He is still very active in cricket leagues and domestic matches. He has been a world-class wicketkeeper and batsman. 

A significant portion of his income comes from playing cricket. His match fee, winning amounts, Man of the Match and Man of the Series awards contribute to his income. 

2- Indian Premier League (IPL)

Indian Premier League is a big source of income for Mahi. It adds to the Net Worth of MS Dhoni.

Dhoni has been a part of parcel of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) Team since the inception of IPL in 2008.

As a Captain & Player of the CSK team, he has not only earned a substantial salary but also received bonuses and incentives based on team performance.

3- Brand Endorsements

Dhoni is a very popular cricketer around the world. He has a cult-like image in India. His huge fan following almost idealizes him.

His reputation and brand value as a player are humongous.

This people’s perception of him makes him the most marketable sports personality here and everywhere.

The list of his endorsements includes giants like Reebok, Pepsi, Boost, Gulf Oil, Colgate, and many more.

These endorsements are the gateway to a significant source of income for him.

4- Business Ventures

MS Dhoni is not only a cricket player but also an entrepreneur, businessman and investor.

He has ventured into different fields and they earn fat income for him.

His business ventures include sports-related things and investments.

He has a clothing brand called “Seven.”

Dhoni owns a stake in the Ranchi-based Hockey India League team Ranchi Rays and is involved in other entrepreneurial activities.

These business ventures add to M S Dhoni Net Worth.

5- Film & Television

Dhoni is a household name. His popularity has smashed all barriers. He is an iconic figure.

His popularity is no more limited to the cricket world, it has extended beyond sports.

You can see him in television commercials, advertisements, documentaries, etc.

“M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story,” is a biographical movie based on Dhoni’s life. It is a glaring example of his “Film & Television Earning.” This commercially successful movie made him richer by 50 Crores.

You can easily calculate his earnings from other commercials.

6- Book Deals

Book Deals also contribute to Dhoni’s income. His autobiography “The Dhoni Touch: Unravelling the Enigma That Is Mahendra Singh Dhoni” is an example of it.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is currently engaged in publishing a few more books shortly on his life journey.

Book deals, advances, and royalties, all combinedly make him wealthier.

7- Coaching & Mentoring

Dhoni is engaged in coaching & mentoring young aspiring cricketers. He has a reputation and experience to back him up. He feeds them with expert ideas.

It includes working as a coach for domestic teams, mentoring young players, and getting involved in cricket academies.

He earns a huge amount this way.

8- Personal Investments

Dhoni has many personal investments which add to his net worth.

His investments in the real sector, startups, shares, FDs, short and long-term investment plans, etc. pave the way for more wealth.

These additional incomes through dividends, capital appreciation, or exit strategies are a rich source of moolah for him.

9- Social Media & Digital Platforms

Dhoni has a massive following on various social media platforms.

Apart from Google Adsense income, influencer partnerships, sponsored posts, and brand collaborations on these platforms generate income for him.

10- Public Appearances & Speaking Engagements

Dhoni’s stature, persona and popularity make him the most sought-after celebrity.

He is the number-one choice for many public appearances, brand launches, award ceremonies, and speaking engagements.

He receives fees for many appearances like them. They count on his current income.

11- Licensing & Merchandise

MS Dhoni Net Worth puffs up by licensing & merchandise also.

His image, signature, voice, video, clothes, peripherals, collections, etc are all subject to license and merchandise.

He earns huge amounts through license fees and royalties by selling his brand image.

12- Sports Commentator/ Expert Comments

Dhoni is a professional cricketer. His vast and profound knowledge of the game makes him an expert commentator.

We have witnessed them many times. His reading of the game and strategic manoeuvres in crunch match moments are the talk of the town.

Broadcasting networks, audio, visual and print media companies hire him as a commentator and expert adviser for cricket matches, talk shows, newspapers, etc.

These add to his source of income and overall net worth.

13- Investments In Sports Teams

Apart from cricket Dhoni has shown his interest in other sports and hired sports teams for sports and commercial purposes.

He owns a hockey team, and football team, and co-owns many other sports teams and sports ventures.

They contribute to his massive income and fatten up MS Dhoni Net Worth.

14- Personal Appearances & Events

Doni’s personal appearances at events, corporate functions, brand promotions, and private gatherings are remarkable.

Organizations and people hire him for their brand, and idea promotion.

He charges appearance fees in many such gatherings.

15- Endorsement Of Sports Equipment

Dhoni’s stature is so big that many specific brands hire him and collaborate with him for their sports equipment.

They go beyond endorsements and offer him partnerships in their brand’s sales.

He has many such endorsement deals with companies manufacturing cricket bats, gloves, pads, or other cricketing gear.

He is also active in selling other sports items as well.

These bits fetch him more riches.

16- Brand Ambassador

Dhoni is also a brand ambassador for many brands and companies.

He is involved closely in their campaign and product sales.

These streams provide him with many financial benefits.

17- Royalties From Biographical Works

MS Dhoni’s life has been a roller coaster ride. People want to know about his life and get motivation and inspiration to become like him.

People want to read about his life and replicate the magic for themselves.

This factor creates a demand for books, documentaries and biographical works on MS Dhoni.

Dhoni receives royalties from the sales or licensing of such works.

18- Social Initiatives & Charitable Work

Dhoni is a very generous person.

He is involved in many charitable and philanthropic works. He is also instrumental in many social initiatives for the overall good of humanity.

These factors indirectly contribute to his wealth.

These things further consolidate his public image and brand value.

He gets potential sponsorship or partnership opportunities because of this social branding.

19- Personal Branding & Licensing

Dhoni is a brand in himself. His brand and image have a powerful value in the market.

He charges organizations for his personal image, voice, signature, hairstyle, etc.

These branded merchandise and licensing grow his wealth.

20- Appearance Fees For Television Shows & Events

Dhoni has a celebrity status.

He receives many invitations to appear on television shows, award ceremonies, or other public events.

He receives participation fees in many such programmes.

It is another source of income for Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

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Net Worth Of MS Dhoni

Above are the various significant income sources of Dhoni.

These money streams multiply the Net Worth of M S Dhoni.

He earned more than $75 Million as Salary from BCCI and other leagues and boards.

He amassed more than $25 Million from endorsements.

He has more than Rs 400 crore value of real assets at different locations.

What Are MS Dhoni Assets?

Dhoni has many assets in the form of following things.

  • Personal House
  • His Salary
  • His Cars & Bikes
  • Investment Plans and Shares
  • Fitness & Sports Centres
  • Hockey, Football, and Kabaddi teams
  • Clothing brand in the name of “Seven”
  • Real States
  • Merchandise, Licensing, Personal Brand, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are some FAQs about MS Dhoni.

What Is MS Dhoni Net Worth In 2023?

The Net Worth of MS Dhoni in July 2023 is Rs 1200 Crore or $155 Million.

Who is richer Sachin Tendulkar or MS Dhoni?

Sachin Tendulkar’s net Worth is $175 Million compared to Dhoni’s $155 Million in 2023. Sachin is a little richer than MS Dhoni.

What Is The Annual Income Of MS Dhoni?

The annual income of MS Dhoni is approximately $80 Million.

What Is The Best Thing About MS Dhoni As A Player?

The best thing about MS Dhoni as a player is that he has won all the ICC trophies in his cricketing career as a captain. He has won the T-20 World Cup, One Day International World Cup & Champion’s Trophy under his captainship.

Why IS MS Dhoni known As Captain Cool?

He is known as captain cool because of his ability to remain calm and composed in tense situations. You can witness this ability in many matches.

Formulating strategies in difficult situations, chasing down a total in adverse circumstances, or setting the field for set players, he is always calm and keeps things in control. His this quality has turned the fate of many matches in his favour.


The various income streams to ascertain the net worth of M S Dhoni is expounded in detail.

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