Young Arnold Schwarzenegger Life & His 5 Success Principles

Young Arnold Schwarzenegger has a work ethic. He always followed certain principles in his life since his childhood.

Young Arnold Schwarzenegger used to live a very disciplined life. He has never compromised with life values. In his book “Total Recall” he writes “Total Recall” that gaining success is not a one-day work. It is a collection of life moments and your actions in those moments. 

The Sensational Young Arnold

What Inspired & Motivated The Young Arnold Schwarzenegger For Something Big In Life? 

What Inspired & Motivated The Young Arnold Schwarzenegger For Something Big In Life?

  • I was born in Austria in 1947. It was just after the second world war period. 
  • My father was in the Police and my mother was looking after me and my elder brother. 
  • We had also farmland where we sow seeds to grow vegetables. 
  • My parents wanted me to study and lead a normal life. 
  • I could have become a farmer or at most join any factory to run my family at that time. But I wanted to do something big, something unique, something remarkable.
  • One day I saw a documentary about America in my school when I was 11 years old.
  • In that documentary, I saw huge skyscrapers, big bridges, 6-line freeways and examples of better lives. Something happened within me.
  • I thought I should be there not here. Here small buildings and little farmhouses are no match. I dreamt about going to America. But how? I didn’t know.
  • One day I was going on the streets of Graz my hometown and I entered a store. There I saw a bodybuilding magazine.
  • There I saw Reg park on the cover of that magazine. He was the three times Mr Universe. 
  • His pictures were also there on Hercules Movie covers. He had acted in a series of movies.  
  • I got so impressed with him. I got the blueprint of my life. 
  • I was thrilled to become a bodybuilder and worked in Hollywood movies just like Reg park. I also wanted to earn millions of dollars just like Reg Park. 
  • I was exhilarated by the mere feeling of where I was going in life. I thanked God that I got my direction this day.
  •  I felt so excited about this journey. I felt so excited about America.

Biography Of Arnold Schwarzenegger- Total Recall Book Free Pdf

Young Arnold Schwarzenegger Gym Workout

  • People used to ask me to see working for 6 to 8 hours a day in the Gym. What leads you to work so passionately? I replied them I was shooting for Mr Universe’s title.
  • My repetitions were to achieve this goal. I worked this hard only to turn my vision into a reality.
  • I envisaged that my every pushup and weight lifting was getting me closer to my goal. It pumped me more energy.
  • When you know where you are going, you know the purpose and goal. You know the highs of it. 
  • You know everything. There is only clarity and no confusion. 

The Young Arnold bodybuilder

Young Arnold Schwarzenegger Acting

  • I went to English classes, joined lectures to improve my accent, and learned acting lessons. 
  • worked extremely hard to get them because they were attached to my purpose. They were not ‘work’ for me. They were fun for me.
  • My body and accent became an asset for movies. It was not a liability. 
  • My body shape and accent brought me movies. 

Young Arnold Schwarzenegger Work Ethic

He has shared his life values and principles which gave him the courage and discipline to overcome all fears and hindrances of life.

1- Do Repetitions & Earn Mileage

  • He says that the success of every work depends on the repetition of that activity. The more you do that, the better you do that. 
  • It further means that there is nothing like overnight success.
  • There are no shortcuts to success.
  • He says that he started doing weight-lifting exercises in a basement in Graze. 
  • Graze is a small city in Austria, the home country of Young Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was only 14 years old then.
  • He recalled that the atmosphere of that basement was astonishing. There was a wooden plank board hanging on the wall
  • I used to write my training programmes of the day and weight on that plywood board, as others were also doing the same. 
  • Whatever exercises we had to do, we used to write them on that board and draw vertical lines in front of them to represent the number of times we would do them. 
  • We used to cut those lines with horizontal lines after completing those tasks, thus making a cross symbol.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger young boy didn’t know the purpose behind those notifications. But he knew one thing he would cross every line on the board to complete his task.
  • He says that he was passionate about his exercises.
  • Later this practice worked as VISUAL FEEDBACK for him. It gave him motivation and inspiration in his endeavours.   
  • After that, he always used this visual feedback methodology in his life to measure the level of his efforts. 
  • This visual feedback technique became a yardstick for him to analyze his progress. 
  • It worked wonderfully well for him.
  • Set goals and getting them became my habit. 
  • Going After Goals Become My Second Nature.
  • It etched into my heart that every success depends on Repetition and Mileage
  • Your repetition of the task takes you towards mileage.
  • If you want to become an expert in weight-lifting, you have to go miles in lifting the weight. You have to do it repeatedly. 
  • If you want to become a racer, you have to run miles before winning the final race. It is the repetition of running which will give you mastery and confidence.
  • Whatever big you want to achieve in life requires repetition and covering mileage.
  • The more the deposit in Reps & Mileage Bank, the more you can withdraw them to shine your life.
  • This work ethic positively helps your belief system.

The movie sensation

2- There Is A Yes In Every No

  • My father was a visionary. He taught me an important lesson which became a part of my work ethic. 
  • He taught me the “Never Say Die” approach in life. 
  • After that, I always listen to YES in every NO.
  • Whenever you hear a negative thing about you or your mission, smile as if you have heard a yes.
  • It affects your belief system, and you become stronger from within as a person.
  • You will face many challenges in life. You will encounter many negative people on your journey. But this life value of listening yes to every no will keep you afloat against any storm.  
  • He further adds, people used to laugh at him wherever I go, because of his giant stature and weight. But I knew what to do and how to react.  
  • Young Arnold Schwarzenegger says that when he wanted to make his career in theatres & movies and approached agents, this happened.
  • Agents tell him that his name is strange, his voice is heavy, and he is so giant that he will cover other actors in the frame. No directors will take you on any project. 
  • I only listen to YES in their NO. 
  • Arnold says that he started working on his voice and accent immediately. As if I am going to get work from the next month.
  • Never waste time listening to NO. Always prepare yourself for the bigger things in life. Don’t stop. Always proceed in life.
  • You may face roadblocks and speed breakers in life.
  • Maximize your effort and win over hurdles in life.  
  • Speed breakers are not there to walk. They are there to jump.
  • What is peculiar in you is your uniqueness. What was peculiar in me made me world famous.  

The magic of the moment

3- Make An Investment In Yourself

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger As A Young was a bodybuilder. He had won many awards. He had also started a mail-order business with his friends. 
  • He started a construction company with his friend Franco Columbu. Then started investing earned income in the real state. 
  • These were fetching him good money. 
  • When his other friends were investing in big flats, fun and frolic, he was investing in shops and lands in the suburbs and countryside.  
  •  He rented those places and enrolled himself in earning various diploma certificates.
  • He continued with his learning process and self-improvement programmes. He never shirked from investing in himself.
  • His philosophy in self-investment paid him heavy dividends. This philosophy paved way for his 400 Million net worth.

4- Always Aim For The Win

  • Arnold says he was preparing for a bodybuilding competition at a younger age. He was confused to join this bodybuilding competition. He participated in a competition half-heartedly and stood second. 
  • When he got the second position in the professional category, he got extremely upset with his approach. 
  • He reasoned had he taken the competition more seriously, he would have become a professional bodybuilder on the very first attempt. 
  • Why was I not enough serious for the competition? Now, I have to wait for one more year for this competition. I vowed that I would never repeat the same mistake.
  • After that whatever I did, movies, theatre, serials, elections, or business, I always went to them with a winning mindset. I always gave my best. Always try to win.
  • Now, defeats don’t disturb me. Because I have a winning mindset.

5- Always Visualize Your Goals To Get Them

  • Young Schwarzenegger says, “I was born in Thai. It is a small town in Austria.” Since childhood, I was dreaming about going to America.
  • I wanted to do something big in my life. But I didn’t know what I was looking to accomplish. I had dreams without any proper direction. I used to feel restless and fidgety.
  • By chance, I met Mr Reg Park. He had won Mr Universe Title three times in Austria.
  • After becoming the champ, he moved to America and acted in 5 movies of Hercules
  • After meeting with him, I became confident and contented as I have got my vision now. 
  • I got motivation and inspiration from him. I also got a direction from him. 
  • I came to know why should I go to America and what was my destination. 
  • I started writing down my goals on a piece of paper and visualising them achieving them one by one.

Arnold Schwarzenegger with spouse

Arnold Schwarzenegger Life

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger is a world-famous personality. He is a world-champion bodybuilder, an actor, a philanthropist, an environmentalist, and a successful businessman.  
  • He is also a world-famous author and California’s 38th Governor.
  • He was born on 3oth July 1947 in Thal. It is a city in Austria.
  • His father’s name was Gustav Schwarzenegger and his mother’s name was Aurelia Jadrny. 
  • His father was an Austrian police chief, postal inspector, member of the Sturmabteilung (SA), and a military police officer.
  • At the age of 20, Arnold was dominating the sport of competitive bodybuilding. 
  • He became the youngest person ever to win the Mr Universe title
  • He emigrated to America in 1968. There he won 5 Mr Universe titles and seven Mr Olympia titles.
  • He worked in the movies like HERCULES, STAY HUNGRY, CONAN THE BARBARIAN, TERMINATOR, and KILLING GUNTHER. There are many more movies in which he acted. 
  • He became the 38th Governor of California. His tenure was between November 17, 2003, & January 3, 2011.

Arnold Timeline

Biography Of Arnold Schwarzenegger- Total Recall Book Free Pdf

Takeaways From Young Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Just remember, you can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.
  • The resistance you face in life builds your character.
  • When you lack purpose, your destination is hazy.
  • Consistency and discipline have the power to give you a name, fame, and money.
  • Invest in your life. It will multiply.

The life lessons, motivation, and inspiration from young Arnold are many. 

It can change our lives positively.  

Sharing this post may give someone young Arnold Schwarzenneger-level motivation. 

Become a catalyst of change for someone who needs motivation.

You are God’s child. May God Bless You. Amen.

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