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How To Deal With Loneliness And Depression| A Deep Analysis

“How to deal with loneliness and depression” runs desperately in our minds. This article will supplicate it along with a deep analysis.  


Loneliness and Depression came out of the womb of the same mother,

As they are growing up they are complementing each other.

They become our happiness sucker,

And ‘WE’……….shudder and suffer.



How to deal with loneliness and depression is a pestering question. The more you try to silence them, the louder they become. Feeling lonely and depressed makes you perplexed. They begin in a group, within relationships, and end in a tunnel of darkness. 

You can’t expel them, because they never settle for the position of servants. They capture the mind and become your boss.

They not only live in the same zip code where you live but also own the same block where you reside. They are so subtle and deep. In a very short period, they become you.

Now, you are no more “YOURSELF”, now you are a “LONELY-SELF”, you are a “DEPRESSED-SELF”.

The only way to keep yourself safe from their onslaught is to recognize them in time.

If you are sluggish to find them, they are brisk to hoodwink you.

Here, we are taking you to a road of deep analyses, so that you not only get red flags for them but also alert others to get ready with their red flags for them. Because loneliness and depression are travelers. They travel a lot.

What Is Loneliness?

Loneliness is a mental and psychological condition where the person feels lonely because of deficiency in quantity and quality of people or relationships that is desired. 

The sufferer is fearful of his current state of loneliness and is surrounded by unpleasant emotions that are erupting for social connections.

Being lonely and being alone is different. If you are alone, it implies that you are lacking people physically. Being alone is a physical condition.

Whereas if you are lonely, it suggests, you are mentally and emotionally unattended. This is an alarming psychological state. 

They are interconnected also. “Your in-person aloneness leads you to emotional loneliness.” Being alone can be one of the causes of being lonely.

A global survey reports, about 33 percent of adults experienced feelings of loneliness worldwide. Loneliness has emerged as a terrific problem lately. One of the causes is indeed a lifestyle influenced by the fast-paced and competitive modern world.

American Psychological Association, states, loneliness is a specific risk factor for mental health conditions.

Symptoms Of Loneliness

1 – Sleep issues like insomnia

2 – Exhaustion

3 – Unusual increase and decrease in appetite

4 – Decreased concentration power

5 – Physical discomforts

6 – Restlessness

7 – Negative self-worth

9 – Self-doubt

What Is Depression?

Depression is a common mental and behavioral disorderIt negatively affects your thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviors, motivations, and feelings of well-being. It is basically a mood disorder but it is way more different from usual mood fluctuations.

Depression hampers your day-to-day life with persistent sadness and hopelessness. Depression is an exaggeration of grievous emotions. 

American Psychiatric Association (APA) specified, depression affects an estimated, one(1) in fifteen(15) adults (6.7%) in any given year. And one(1) in six(6) people (16.6%) will experience depression at some time in their life. 

Symptoms Of Depression

1 – Loss of energy

2 – Loss of appetite or overeating

3 – Loss of pleasure in daily life

4 – Guilt 

5 – Insomnia or hypersomnia

6 – Hopelessness

7 – Pessimism

8 – Slowness of thoughts and actions

9 – Suicidal tendencies 

10 – Increment in purposeless tasks

How to deal with depression and how to avoid these symptoms are not very tough. Just you have to be a bit vigilant and follow a few rules which you will find in the solution section of this article.

How Is Loneliness And Depression Interconnected?

Loneliness and depression are of similar nature. They both attack our mental health and make our lives a living hell. Loneliness can become a leading cause of depression if it persists for a longer period. 

And loneliness is also a consequence of prolonged Depression. They are sort of interlaced together.

How To Deal With Loneliness And Depression?

This is kind of a million-dollar question lately. Loneliness and depression are more like those unwanted obnoxious guests who make speedy entry and retarded exit.

We are all looking for ways on dealing with loneliness and depression.

Being lonely and depressed is painful but choosing not to take any step for the sake of your sanity and well-being is problematic.

Beneath are some effective tips that you can take into consideration to uplift your psychological and emotional uneasiness.

1 – Acknowledge Your Loneliness And Depression


Accepting that you have loneliness and depression gives you a paradigm shift that is the need of the hour for you. Give yourself some time to ponder over your condition and accept the problem. 

Admitting is difficult but it is also essential to cure any form of disorder you have because then you start hunting for triggers of your problem and their solutions.

It will give you more strength to handle your situation. Try to acknowledge your loneliness and depression and then you are already one step ahead for the recovery of your issue.

2 – Keep Your Radar Tuned To Introspection

This exercise should be strictly followed by every single soul for their own good and for the good of society. Everyone should observe their own mental and emotional processes like feelings, thoughts and, emotions.

If you find yourself deviated too much to any end lately, then you need a review. Analyze the outcomes of your thoughts and feelings. Always remember that the consequences of the decisions are more powerful than decisions themselves.

By introspecting you will get to know the root of your problem then you can soundly devise a solution for your condition. It makes you efficient to find a way, you won’t be astray anymore.

It is a self-analysis process and can make you connect between your experiences and responses.

3 – Mindfulness Depletes Your Loneliness And Depression

Mindfulness is a practice of consciously focusing on your present physical and mental states like your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and sensations. It is literally “living in the moment.” It improves your mental and physical well-being.

This is employed in the practical treatment of depression, loneliness, anxiety, and stress. 

4 – Inhale Serenity, Exhale Restlessness

Take a deep breath while you are lonely and depressed. We hardly notice our breaths in these melancholic times. But experts recommend different breathing patterns to uplift our physical and mental well-being.

Deep breathing will enable your stress to go down the drain. It is a small practice but significant. Do try it with sincerity and you will already feel the change.

5 – Surround Yourself With Supportive People

Look around yourself for the people who are supporting you in your bad time. They are constant people who will be stuck with you regardless of anything. They are your biggest cheerleaders in every game even in the ‘game of life. ‘

Drew Houston has rightly said, “You become the average of the five people you hang out with.” Be conscious of them. Good people will internally cheer you up.

6 – Surround Yourself With Self-Help Stuff

Read self-help books, listen to self-help podcasts and go for every opportunity that revolves around self-help. They are a great window that will let you meet your better version.     

It will prepare you mentally for your personal growth. They will give you an insight into your strengths that you otherwise overlook due to your loneliness and depression. This is a great way of killing loneliness and depression and giving yourself a chance.

You are not only learning, but you are also preparing yourself for a better tomorrow.

7 – Cultivate Your Existing Relationships

Concentrate on your existing relationships and try to nurture them even if baby steps are required too. Try your best to be honest to the people who mean something to you and you mean something to them.

They can be anyone who has a special place in your heart maybe your parents, teachers, children, spouse, and close friends.

Spend time with your bunch of family and friends.  Go on trips with them, plan a party, join a course and share your meals with them. One day these beautiful people will become a cause of your bloom.

8 – Positive Self-Talk Is A Must

What is cooking in your mind is more important than what is cooking in your kitchen.

Never, ever, ever let negative self-talks overshadow you. This is remarkably significant. Generally, we all talk politely and nicely with others even to the ones we repel. But have we ever observed how we talk to our inner-self?

We keep hurting our feelings, emotions, and confidence. This negative attitude is not good for your health and wellness.

Research indicates people with positive self-talk have increased life span, lower levels of depression, better satisfaction, and psychological well-being.

9 – Overthinking Is A Monster

Run away from overthinking as prey runs away from a hunter for the sake of saving its life. 

Overthinking is the godfather of stress, lack of confidence, fear, anxiety, and depression. 

Overthinking is cruel, it will make you lost in bewilderment. It disturbs your peace, sleep, your problem-solving, and decision-making ability negatively. Try to avoid it.

10 – Live a purposeful Life

Have a purpose in life. Lighten that spark and charm within you. It fuels you with much-needed energy, enthusiasm and, happiness. Make purpose your sun and revolve around it religiously. 

Once you know you are in for a bigger game. Your focus shifts so do your perception. 

When purpose drives you then loneliness and depression will become orphans. When you know you have something to live your life for, you’ll see the bigger picture with vibrant hues.

Your purpose gives you a routine, a plan. It keeps you mentally and physically engaged. Moreover, it gives you something to wake up for every morning. Loneliness and depression deprive you of a purposeful living.

11 – Refrain From Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

FOMO is like a slow poison that seeps through us pussyfooted. The more frequently FOMO occurs, the sicker we become.

FOMO is threatening because it puts a leash on you. And then the fear starts controlling your thoughts, words, and deeds.

And all you are left with is stress, anxiety, loneliness, and depression.

12 – Embrace Joy Of Missing Out (JOMO)

JOMO is a sociological phenomenon and is an antidote to FOMO. From its very name, it indicates the joy and happiness you get in your company without worrying about all the “what ifs.”

It is serene because it gives you peace of mind and keeps your feet planted and your head composed. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American Essayist, and philosopher quote, “For everything you have missed, you have gained something else.” 

JOMO teaches you the art of living in the moment and enjoying it to the fullest.

JOMO will take active participation in treating your loneliness and depression.

13 – Be Committed To Something Productive

Trace yourself on daily basis. Make it a commitment that you have to do at least one productive task in a day. Do something good for yourself.

If you attach yourself to this exercise then after some time you’ll be surprised to see the major positive changes within you. You don’t even realize when you are investing in yourself subconsciously.

14 – God Is Your Ultimate Saviour

When you feel lonely and depressed remember there is someone who knows you better than you know yourself. The very thought of it encourages, excites, and cheers you that there is someone who knows you inside out and He is God

There are times when we feel low and want someone who can scan our feelings and emotions as it is. You need someone who understands you without explaining anything or uttering a single word and God fulfills this condition.

God sheds your loneliness and depression and fuels you with enormous optimism and hope.

15 – Join A Club To Suppress Your Loneliness And Depression

Take active participation in activities that interest you. Join a class or club such as a library, art club, or any kind of recreational class. It will enable you to meet with people who share your interest and they might be able to share your feelings too.

You will surely feel better if you meet new people who have that charm and their enthusiastic aura will definitely positively affects you. You feel a sense of belonging.

16 – Gratitude Is The Key For Leading A Happy Life

Whenever you feel lonely and depressed remember all the things you show gratitude towards. Make a gratitude journal list down all major and minor things you are grateful for.

Pen down everything, being, and moments that make you smile and you will see the list goes on. 

Trust me if you know the art of gratitude, you are at peace and no one can snatch it. Being grateful for the things, people, opportunities, events, senses, and for yourself will assist you to combat loneliness and depression.

17 – Don’t Sulk Over Your Past

Past can be really disturbing and horrifying. But it can never be undone. For the past, we have nothing but guilt. Past is one of the major reasons for depression and loneliness. But Past is Past. 

You might have experienced something that doesn’t get aligned with you till now. But you need to upgrade your older version and get ahead in life. 

18 – Stop Panicking For Your Future

A valid concern for the future is good but panicking over it arouses a whole set of negative impacts on your mind. It affects your decision-making skills. You find it hard to control your emotions when it comes to your future. 

Take the leash into your own hands. Divide it into small steps and tasks. Try making a graph of your feelings and actions.

Panic won’t solve the problem rather arise many more out of it. You need time and serenity.

19 – Try To Have Balanced Thoughts

Striking balance is pretty tough and especially if it’s about your thoughts. Naturally, you might deviate more to one side than the other. But if you keep a check on your thoughts, you can analyze and strike a balance between positive and negative ones. 

This exercise is very helpful because it motivates you to pull yourself together in adversities like depression and loneliness.

20 – Include Healthy Foods In Your Diet

With fast-paced lives, we ignore the nutritional benefits of food many times. Everyone is trying to satisfy their taste buds by sacrificing their health and wellness. 

Mental Health Foundation of United Kingdom, mentioned, “What we eat doesn’t just affect our physical health: it can also affect our mental health and wellbeing.”A Mediterranean-style diet (one with lots of vegetables, seafood, fresh herbs, garlic, olive oil, cereal, and grains) supplemented with fish oil can reduce the symptoms of depression. 

Healthy food can definitely alter our mental frame and mood.

21 – Go For Holistic Living

Just like your body needs food, your mind and soul also need to be fed. 

Live your life according to holistic livingYour physical, mental and emotional self is really important and they are interconnected. Every part of yours affects the other part. If you start a healing process get to the very root of your problem. It will help ease other things.

Like learning a healthy habit of swimming, mindfulness, personal growth, reading new books, making a craft, and maintaining a journal. 

It will help reduce your depression, anxiety, and loneliness and shower you with happiness and enthusiasm. 

22 – Go For A Walk

If you feel low and lonely stroll the streets. Keep your mouth shut and let your thoughts do all the talking. See the people around. Quietly observe how you feel. This will be relaxing. 

23 – Do Some Exercise

Exercise plays a vital part in treating depression and anxiety. Exercise boosts you and affects the secretions of various neurochemicals that in turn regulate your mood and mental health. Consult your psychotherapist with the kind and time of exercise you can follow and then go ahead.
24 – Turn Towards A Counselor/Psychotherapist

Counseling is a form of treatment for psychological, emotional, or behavioral disorders. 

Counseling builds a professional relationship between the counselor and the client. Counseling can also teach you ways of dealing with stressful life events and circumstances you can’t change yourself.

When you feel lonely and depressed frequently you should go to a counselor. You need someone to listen to you. You need to vent out the emotions that you are suppressing. 

You need an eruption, you might be overflooded. The therapist will guide you, they understand you. They give you a solution. It promotes your personality growth.

They might do some therapies like

  • Exposure Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
25 – Medication/Antidepressants If Needed

Medicines will be prescribed by a psychiatrist to uplift your brain chemistry. It works as a complement to your psychotherapy also. It takes a relatively greater time to treat.

It is important to let your doctor know if a medication does not work or if you experience side effects. They are not habit-forming. They will help you eradicate your loneliness and depression.

Depression and Loneliness are fuming in the modern era though it is the most connected period still there is a rapid increase in mental health problems like these.

“How to deal with loneliness and depression” is the burning question of the hour and this article is a deep analysis of the issue. 

I have put in my sincere effort in writing this utterly vital issue. Kindly let me know of your valuable comments down in the comment section. Please share it with everyone out there. And spread the word to help the world.

Thank You! 


Simra Sajid

Simra Sajid was a child prodigy. Her parents and teachers recognized her innate ability to convert thoughts and imaginations into rhythmic dancing words. She won many accolades in her school life and since then the journey never stopped. She is extremely in-tune with how others are feeling and her writing explores the depth of human nature. She has penned down approximately 85 written works, mainly poems. She is a professional writer and pursuing her higher studies in English literature. You can Google her name to find more of her works and you can find her poetry on Instagram at (simrasajid2011).

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